Our Introduction

Outside health starts inside.

H4C: Health Care Cure Connect Change addresses health disparities, occupational burnout, and mental health as three significant modern-day health issues. Our unique HC4 Model inspires individuals and promotes holistic wellness lifestyle change by enacting an integrated, holistic health intervention strategy with collaboration tools, such as online health communities, crowdfunding, communication, and media channels enabled by digital infrastructures, products, and engagement.

Outside Health

Starts Inside

Our Vision:
An integrated, digital holistic health intervention strategy


Encourage health awareness and limit health disparities for minorities, rural residents, and immigrants.


Enhance health and wellness literacy: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, social, occupational and environmental.


Equip the right attitudes and active actions that lead to beneficial health behavior changes and wellness outcomes.


Establish partnership to reduce 3 big problems: health disparities, employee wellness, and mental health.

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Our Focus: 3 Big Modern-Day Health Problems

H4C is a digital health transformation hub. We address health disparties, employee wellness, and mental health by improving health behaviour change through an integrated, holistic health intervention strategy. At the grassroots level, we will leverage a holistic health approach enabled by technology and digital innovation to combat these critical health concerns:

  1. Limit the disparities that have significantly negatively impacted rural migrant and minority communities. 
  2. Minimize occupational burnout prevalence, increase workplace productivity, and inspire better workplace wellness cultures 
  3. Address multiple facets of our modern society’s cultural, social, and environmental factors that have increased mental health conditions.
  4.  Achieve a sustainable long-term impact by engaging individuals, communities, and key stakeholders such as institutions, corporations, clinicians, other health partners, and policymakers.
Health disparities

These have a detrimental influence on our financial and physical wellness, impacting individuals, organizations, communities, and society.

  • Results in excess medical care cost and lost productivity costs
  • Results in increased premature death and infant mortality
  • Results in root-cause of the qualityof our healthcare system
Staff Wellness

Workplace anxiety, stress, low team morale, toxic cultures and climates are impacting capability of individuals in organizations and our society.

  • Causes loss of income and productivity
  • Causes employee distrust and disempowerment 
  • Can lead to mental health conditions
Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders impact individuals, organizations, and communities, severely costing us society.

  • An area of chief importance on productivity
  • An area that is continually being worked on
  • An area critical area of development and focus in healthcare

Our Approach: An Innovative HC4 Model

Utilizing our HC4 model to target self-care, community care, and preventative care in a holistic approach focused on total wellness to achieve improved health behavior.


Addressing the many factors that contribute significantly to health disparities, burnout, and mental illness to allow the health system to operate at higher efficiencies to reach health care goals.


Setting up short-term, long term, and fundamental programs to mitigate or eliminate many of the causing factors behind health disparities, workplace burnout, and mental disorders.


Causing evidence-based fundamental changes of health inequality seen in migrant, rural, and minority communities, as well as occupational burnout and mental health conditions.


Utilizing individual engagement, community empowerment, and social institutions to unite families and rebuild neighborhoods into areas more focused on everyday wellness and wholeness.

Your happiness and wellness are in your hands

Together we can bring more health awareness, empowerment, and engagement to individuals, families, communities, organizations, and society.


What They Say

Their clients experience sustainable wellness lifestyle changes by utilizing their comprehensive, program-integrated, digital health communication strategy and unique HC4 methodology.